Drone footage at churches?

Feel free to take drone footage of our beautiful churches! We kindly ask you to pay attention to local regulations and take a closer look to the aviation law. You can find all information needed on the webpage of the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom.

Feel free to send your photos to us via email viestinta.lohja@evl.fi

Bare in mind:

  • Damaging the churches is strictly forbidden
  • During flight always maintain visual contact with your drone
  • Flying drone above a crowd of people is not allowed.
  • The flight must not endanger or disturb the operations of an emergency services helicopter
  • Flights must not cause any danger to or disturb other people visiting the churches and graveyards.
  • Flights must not disturb ongoing ceremonies.
  • Report any suspicios activity to police (emergency number is 112) and to the staff of Lohja parish.


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